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  • Is micro - pigmentation a tattoo

    Yes. Tattooing of eyebrows,lips, eyeliner, are all tattoos.

  • What is the difference between tattoo eyebrows and microblading?

    The Tool. microblading is a hand tool – the blades are very fine and are taken through the skin in fine hair strokes to mimic real hair. It is the only form of tattooing that will completely disappear eventually, if a colour boost is not had

    machine tattoo, is the same principle, a handpick with fine needles in various sizes ( chosen by the technician) is taken through the dermal layer of the skin creating realistic hair strokes.

  • Is the ink permanent?

    Semi permanent pigments are used for these treatments allowing the colours to fade with time, so that your treatments age with you. These inks are not permanent and do not sit as deep as a conventional body tattoo. If you chose not to colour boost the treatment, the pigment will fade to almost a skin colour, leaving a slight colour hue.

  • Does it hurt?

    clients generally rate the pain from 1-10 (10 being highest) as a 4. Topical numb cream can be used if required. Some clients have found the sensation painless and almost therapeutic!

  • How long does the tattoo last?

    This varies on each individual. Many factors have to be taken into consideration, such as skin type, lifestyle, previous skin maintenance. But most clients have a colour boost after a year to 18 months, some clients prefer to keep the tattoo looking dark so they have a colour boost after 10 months.

  • I dont want black eyebrows!

    When you attend your appointment, the treatments is discussed and drawn on freehand so that you can visualise the finished look. pigments are chosen to suit your skin tone and that can vary from light brown, grey or a very dark brown. Black pigment is never used in eyebrows.  The final design is decided between us both, your input is important as they will be on your face, I advise on shape, size and colour but with your input.

  • How long does the treatment take?

    I book out 2hrs for each client, this includes time to draw, discuss colour and tattoo. The actual tattooing takes about 45 minutes.

  • Will it scab up?

    No not really, the needles used are fine and create little trauma. You can expect a little redness and tiny bit of swelling, this normally goes down after 24hrs. The area can feel a little itchy at first, this is just the skin healing and again can expect to calm down after 24hrs.

  • Will my eyeliner make my eyes puffy?

    Yes, a little. After eyeliner you should expect to swell a little, this may happen during or after treatment and can last up to 3/4 days. The swelling is minor and looks puffy as though you’ve been crying.

  • How do I look after my tattoo after treatment?

    You will be given an aftercare leaflet which will explain that the area MUST be kept clean and free of cosmetics, water for at least 7 days. No sun exposure as UV penetrates the skin and fades inks/pigments.

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