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Nipple/areola tattooing

Micro pigmentation is a form of tattooing using semi permanent pigments and fine needles. The colour is matched to an individual  and tattooed into the dermal lay of the skin and the areola is designed by the technician to replicate as much as possible so that the areola looks 3D and realistic.

The procedure takes about 60 minutes and the area is numbed (if required) using a topical numbing cream.

The pigment fades over time and clients can expect to have a colour boost after 2 years, this depends on many factors such as skin type, lifestyle.

most of my clients have said that they feel no pain during the treatment and area absolutely delighted with the realistic result.

For breast augmentation, clients are normally left with a halo around the areola, this can be covered by means of micro-pigmentation by tattooing around the area to match their areola colour.

Treatment for areola can only be carried out on any client whose medical treatments have been completed and they are a year post treatment.

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP)

Scalp micro pigmentation or tattooing is a non surgical hair restoration technique, using three dimensional restoration procedure. Suitable for clients, men or women who are searching for a permanent or long-term solution for hair loss and thinning problems.

Your hair will appear natural and shiny even from a close distance and even close up, the hair follicles look real.

SMP is a safe affordable treatment to fill thinning hair, scar coverage and can replace lost hairlines, baldness or bald patches. It is an alternative to hair transplants.

One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is there are no side effects and does not require maintenance.

At Karen Nicolaou SMP we provide a quick and convenient consultation process where your treatment can be discussed and expectations and questions can be answered.

Scalp micro pigmentation requires skill and precision in order that the tattoo looks like real hair. This requires precision and skill.

Scalp micro pigmentation requires alternating specific small gauged needles to be inserted into the upper dermis of the scalp. A certain amount of discomfort is inevitable, however most SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION clients report the sensation to be nothing more than mildly irritating, even therapeutic. The general consensus is that the pain varies from a 1-4 out of 10.

After treatment

  1. it is expected that after treatment you will/may experience some redness and swelling and itching on the scalp for a few days.
  2. the pigment initially will appear a few shades darker and can take one to seven days to lighten, and rarer cases up to 14 days.
  3. Bruising can also occur from time to time, which may cause the treated area to appear darker or to appear slightly blue. This is relative uncommon affecting approx 1 in 10 SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION clients

Scar tissue may require a greater number of treatments.

The treatment is carried out in sessions and can take up to 3 sessions

The first session is to lay base, matching your own hair follicle.

The second session is about building density in a way that makes the hair look more natural.

The third session focuses on making sure the density is consistent throughout blending naturally into the hairline.

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